Okay, I didn't know how to phrase the thread title, but here's my question. My dad is opposed to me getting an electric guitar right now because he feels that that would make make my stlye sloppy. I have been playing acoustic since early october 2005, so it's been the better part of a year, and I was wondering if ya'll felt that me getting an electric would make my playing sloppy or help it because it has more of a focus on playing melodies over the chords on an acoustic? Thanks for input.
It'll only make you sloppy if you're a sloppy player. A lot of kids these days try to play faster than they actually can, they refuse to start slow and practice at a slower tempo to get it perfect because they think that by repeatedly ****ing up they'll learn just as much, if not more.

Stay clean, use a metronome.
it doent matter what we think,listen to your father.
I don't see how the addition of electricity suddenly "dumbs down" your technique... Basically, an electric is an acoustic with lower string gauge and lower action (in terms of feel - there are tons of other obvious differences). This won't make you sloppy, unless you suddenly start trying things way beyond you. So long as you keep within your skill level and slowly improve, your technique will just get better.
Alot of good players were sloppy and were great players. Jimmy Page was sloppy live but he was great. Steve Clark wore his guitar 5 holes too low and he was beyond sloppy, but Def Leppard was never the same without him. He wrote amazing rhythm parts.

Like Archaon, alot of kids start fast and it ****s their playing down the road. You don't HAVE to use a metronome(i never did) but i guess it helps clean up your playing. I love sloppy players like Page and Clark. They were about music, not trying to make their playing as perfect as crystal.
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okay, thanks for your input. See my dad has never played guitar and he asked me to ask other people because someone told him a while back that electric made guitar playing sloppy. But I'll just tell him what was said...if you learn sloppy you'll play sloppy, it's not the guitar but the player...and I will let him make his decision. :-D
Yeah, if you're not retarded, and actually work your way up slowly, and a metronome really helps by the way, electric guitar wont hurt your technique at all.
I find its kinda in between with my acoustic guitar and electric guitar related sloppiness.

I myself prefer a higher than usual action on my acoustics (and med-high on electric) because it allows my qausi-pop and slap techniques, I also can mute open strings a lot more sloppily on an acoustic as they just dont ring as loud, wheras on an electric they do (especially on distortion).

In general, I'm a very sloppy player, I did in too much. Oh well, I'm trying
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If anything, I find electric guitars are less forgiving toward sloppy playing. Strike the wrong string at high gain and your amp will yell at you!

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Just don't over do the distortion. Keep your gain down a little and don't cut your mids. Too much distortion can make you think your playing a part great, when really the distortion pedals playing the part for you.
i think what his dad might mean is electric guitar is fine but be wary of becoming sloppy in the sense that you might plug in, turn up the gain and just try and shred or whatever which may damage your natural progression of technique, musicianship and so on.

i can imagine that a lot of people cream their pants the first time they play overdriven electric guitar and try and play as loud and fast as they can which can't be helpful unless you have serious natural talent.