Poll: What is your favorite song from "10,000 Days"?
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View poll results: What is your favorite song from "10,000 Days"?
1 9%
1 9%
Wings for Marie
0 0%
10,000 Days
0 0%
The Pot
2 18%
Lipan Conjuring
1 9%
Lost Keys
1 9%
Rosetta Stoned
1 9%
1 9%
Right in Two
3 27%
Voters: 11.
I know the other Tool thread says that it's the only Tool thread, but I know there's a lot of Tool fans out there and I just find it annoying only having one thread with a thousand entries. So having said that, I was just curious as to what everyone thinks is the best song off the new CD. My vote goes for "The Pot" but "Rosetta Stoned" is right up there as well.
^You can't put a poll on it though.

Mine is Viginti Tres.

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