Just a song. Im starting to notice I set out to write something following a certain rhyme structure, but even though Im just practicing. I come up with something coherent and with a personal meaning. Im happy about it.

Oh Im so tired
Of playing this game with you
We were young one forlorn day
Before I had those dreams of fame

Oh girl

Cant you soothe the aching joints
Wont you slow the racing mind
Relieve a personal burden of me
Alright then fine

Baby Im just so tired
And your bouncin up and down
No way I ever woulda frowned
How're you so wired

You said tastefull lace
Your favorites pink and green
Lookin for strappy and gold
I couldnt imagine you so mean

Yea, dont you hang your head in disgrace

Just a feelin life out
Day after day
We were all so smooth
I was young with somethin to say

I dont ever wanna see you so devout

Girl Im just so tired
And your always runnin around
I couldnt ever have frowned
How're you so wired

Golden shoes
Dress like my eyes
Just like you said
Look at the single girl cry
Who's the one who's got the blues?

No ridges on your waist
We'll dance all night
Not quite I thought
But to spite me your right
Doesnt she have a great sense of taste

Baby Im so tired
Your like a clown
I swear I didnt frown
You're unnaturaly wired

Save skating terms for the park
You're the one who said all dreams gotta end
I'd take it all and leave none for you babe
You really made me break and bend
Your standing sin in the dark

About the same strange relationship I usually end up writing about.
Ill be happy to explain the meaning of it all if anyone wants or its not obvious.
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