OKay i got this new guitar throguh the post today.. It appear to be in pretty good condidtion except for a few rusted screws and rusted strings..(it's meant to be new). ANyway i opened up the back and found 2 holes.. One of them (hole 2) is a chip type thing into the wood which doesnt look right.. and hole 1 goes right through and u can see everything inside. Anyway, if this normal? and will it affect my guitar or playing?.. This guitar is a BONPLAY "heavy metal" guitar alledgedly worth $700 aud..
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im more worried about the rusted parts. that can mean it was kept in a high humid area. the electronics might also be worn and might die early on u.

i would think the guitar should be solid. not sure about that gap in the trem cavity.

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The hole through the guitar is actually normal, at least if it's a fender type guitar with a pickguard. I actually lost my pick down there once (I was fiddelig with a broken string in the trem, and had the pick in my hand)... Had to unstring the whole guitar and take of the pickguard to get it out..
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