I am looking for exactly what effects people use during solos usually (delay, reverb, etc) and how much of each?

Also what are some good amp settings for solo tones?

Erm well it depends on the specific solo really, I suppose for a standard classic rock solo you probably have quite a bit of reverb, shred soloists such as Yngwie often use lots of delay, and compression is also used during solos. I'm not so good on amp settings, but high mids are good for soloing to cut through the rest of the band.
Yyeah, the guy above me said it right- some reverb or delay (not too much, otherwise it gets muddy), high mids and some compression to help the notes "pop out". A little chorus or phasor can add a bit of movement to your lead tone, as can wah. I use the neck pickup for most solo, it gives it nicely smoothed out mids
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