Just curious guys n gals...

Getting back into guitar after a gap of 10 years or so and have noticed that I can't seem to keep my eyes sharply focussed on the frets as I play. I start out focussed enough and then my eyes sort of blur out a few seconds in

It's like playing whilst looking through the end of a Coke bottle! I'm used to it now and can play fairly well just by feel (good job!) but it is buggin me a bit. And yes, I've got an astigmatism with both eyes and wear contacts/glasses!

Does anyone else find this happens?
I had the exact same problem dude!
This was the case when I just started wearing contacts
after a while it dissapeared.. I think my eyes had to get used to the distance or something aah well I dont know
I'm inclined to go with the getting old theory

Must need to train those eyes to keep focus. It's funny, I never have an issue reading, using the computer and so on. I think there is something about playing guitar that's just so relaxing that you can kind of 'zone out' and that's the point where I stop focussing!
It's the "old" factor". I've noticed my eyesight faltering lately too. Glasses are the cure. Getting old sucks!!!!
It sounds as though your eyes get strained focusing at such a close distance. Maybe your optician can suggest something?

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