Hello all,

I don't usually hang out this neck of the woods too much i must admit...

anyway, i'm looking for a nice 12-string, i have a Yamaha APX-5A 6 string, and i know i need a 12 to balance out my growing collection of electrics...

I'll cut to the chase, i've been doing some trying and web surfing over the past few weeks, and i would appreciate your views on this guitar (the Fender)... i also have a few points i would like clearing up... when they say 'mini jumbo', does that mean the body is thinner, or the whole instrument is smaller..?

I would really appreciate any feedback on this item, i was looking at Fender's DG16-E 12 string, but i feel the gloss finish would make it look a tad cheap if you know what i mean, that's why i like the satin matt finishes for natural acoustics, also are we sure the JG12CE-12 has a matt finish..?

The JG12CE-12:
I've had one of these (Fender JG12CE/12) since I bought it in July '00.

It's treated me good these last six years, though it can be hard to tune and keep in tune. I don't know if it's all those twelve strings, or the guitar, or just me.

Anyway, I'm putting new strings on mine right now and they sound awesome. Also it has a light feel, and the cutaway is cool -- most of the guitars I've had have not had such stellar access to the upper frets.

The Fishman pickup is also pretty good.

However, I just put mine on Craig's List because I'm getting married in August and I need to consolidate (I have five guitars, plus a bass, banjo, mandolin, and a few drums) because we are going to move, and besides I have to pay for the wedding...

So if you wann buy mine...
How much money are you looking at spending? I can nearly gurantee you that you can find a nicer guitar for whatever that Fender costs. Fender electric=good buy....Fender acoustic=the name tricked you and you've been had.

But anyways, for around the $330-400 range, you should check out the Yamaha FG720s 12-string, the Alvarez RD20S 12 string, and the Seagull S12.

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