I don't know if there has been a thread on this, but none come up in the search. It might be old, but whatever. This is the funniest stuff I've heard in a long time. My favorite song is Livin La Vida sXe.

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you're asking UG for advice on what to do with your life? Prepare to have a career as a fluffer in the porn industry...
Yeah there have been threads about them around here. But yeah this is pretty funny stuff. I love how on his myspace all the kids who he is making fun of think its serious and think he's awesome. But very funny stuff
Pink the Punk : Trust me, don't shower or shave or anything for a week then go out on the pull with a loincloth and half a dead mammoth over your should. You won't be short of chicks that night

thats why he's the hardcore mod
I like "SharkxPunch is Broxcore", and "Take It Back" is a genuinely good song.
I have cancer, fight me.
called I Love Breakdowns

I love all the song titles.

DinoXCore is pretty funny too, forgot about that one.
I have cancer, fight me.