Hey Guys. If I purchased one of these http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/bodies/lps.cfm?fuseaction=carvedtop_lps (either the quilted maple or the flamed maple) and I wanted a finish like this http://gibson.com/Files/images/lps2tr.jpg (and by that finish I mean how can I see the grain of the wood through the color ) how would I go about doing it? What kinds of paint would I use? How many coats? What steps would I take from start to finish to achieve this look? Thanks guys! I'm still reading around the net and have read alot already but I havent found something about this kind of finish yet. Maybe I'm just not Looking in the right place but where better to ask right? haha
www.stewmac.com has a lot of variety when it comes to see-through stains and dyes...

I have used the powder - dissolved in water kind years ago and it worked great... it is getting that mirror-like gloos finish that is the hard part.
Reranch.com has a buncho of finishing info.
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