Im getting this amp and i was wondering a few things.

What tubes are in it stock? To get replacement tubes what size do i need to get? What tubes would you recomend?


edit: I play mainly metal... but i want a versitile amp. where it will play rock, metal, blues etc...
Well if I am correct the avt only has two tubes in it and they are preamp tubes so I would say through in some 12ax7s. As for what comes in it stock im just guessing they are some kinda of cheap made in china tube. Post some sound clips when you get the amp cause I've never played on an AVT before.
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Thanks, will do. Do you have any recomendations on any tubes? I'm looking at musicians friend and judging by their customer rating im getting some Tungsol 12ax7 tubes.

Can you have diffrent types of tubes? like... this amp has 3 tubes... od1 od2 and clean. could i put a high gain for od2, medium gain for od1 and low gain for clean?
The brand of tube won't really make a difference. You're not really buying a tube amp, you're buying a gimmick.
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Yeah they are a gimmick unfortunatly. It's not like a proper tube amp at all and don't think you'll be getting tube amp sounds from it.
Dude, don't get it! Seriously, it's the same thing as a solid state amp, it's just a gimmick.
I'd get a Fender Hot Rod, if i were you, it's cheaper and LOADS better!
i just bought the AVT100X like two days ago and its not just a gimmick. It's obviously not as nice sounding as a Tube amp (even though i personally dont like all tube) but it is better than a solid state. I spent about 4 hours in the shop and this was by far the best amp in my price range.

To thread sarter, as far as i am aware it only has one tube, which is a preamp and isa 12AX7
It is a horrible amp but everyone likes different things and whatever makes you happy then keep with it.