Hello everybody!
Here is another song to add to the bag of Hendrix covers.
I started guitar about 5 or so months back, and I am having lessons. I just wanted some criticisms on my cover of Hey Joe.
I just recorded the intro, verse (just powerchords, kind of like an extremely simplified version of Jimi's playing) and a crappy solo. I pretty much forgot half of the solo, so I tried to fill in the gaps.

Hey Joe
It's pretty good, the sound of the guitar is quite nice, I liked the intro, work on the solo a bit Otherwise, I liked it a lot, good job

(Check out My Baby Blue Blood if you have any time)

Gonna Leave this town

Gotta leave this town

Gonna make a whole lotta money

Gonna be big yeah...
(Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin')

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Your link opens as a text file, I've tried "save target as" and it's telling me it's a text file.

Any suggestions?

Dude if ur trying to open it with Winamp then open it with windows media player cause it works with that and nothing else.
im gonna be honest with you cause thats the only way you get better, you chose a REALLY hard song for playing guitar for only 5 months, your picking isnt up to par for for this song yet, your hitting too many strings in a few places and not muting correctly, your almost getting harmonics because ur not putting enough on the pressure on the strings it sounds like, your timing is wrong for the fill at the E (7-9) just listen to the song for that, easy fix, not a tough fill, and then i dont think i need to tell you the solo needs work (or if i do, just quit now, haha jk around), i would start with MUCH simpler songs than this 5 months into playing guitar, your ambition is a good thing, but this is a good way to get frustrated and quit (attempting one of the top guitarists EVER songs 5 months into guitar)
1) heres advice, don't go into the thread and say that the solo is crappy, some parts of the song are weak, etc. etc. because thats a serious turn off to me (idk about the rest of UG) if you think something is weak or needs to be fixed, don't send it until thats been done

2) you have A LOT of raw talent for 5 months. i couldn't play lead @ that ability until like 1 year and a half so keep up guitar, ur headed down a bright path

3) not so much man, go back and keep practicing this song


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I have to agree with guitarshark, it really suprises me that u can play something like that decently at 5 months (not sarcasm, its a compliment) But again, choose easier songs to start with...
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Nice one, ive been playing 5 months and i can play hey joe...its pretty easy but.still good job!
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