Hmm, it seems there are no categories alloted for the Classical Music genre. I suppose they could be put into 'Other' but that's usuallu Rap and R N' B. It seems unfair to categorise it with those genres.

Personally, I enjoy alot of classical music and I know alot of other users here do too. It's the most integral part of music evolution. I'm suprised it is not discussed often here. Afterall, alot of people have been influenced by classical music, people at this website. More so than people who listen to someone talking at speed over a drum beat.

I just wondered why there wasn't a section.

I love classical music!!!! i listen to it so much and it is my main influence and study in guitar. i believe it builds your tequnique/theory..etc so much. i remember when i started on guitar. I practiced Caprice No. 5 by Niccolo Paganini so much untill i had it perfect, and i have come so far, playing so many other masterpieces. Classical music is the best music to me by far!
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Classical is great, and all the schools still use it as the standard. so not having anything on here about it is a shame!!! i play it on my martin tho cuz i dont got a guitar for classical... im savin up tho.
It just goes in the Other section. There's a lot of different music talked about in there, and if you looked you'd notice included is a lot of classical.
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