I have been playing acoustic for about a year, but I am new to Electric, and recently purchased one.

I have a problem with the 4th string, It makes a really annoying high pitched noise when I slide down the strings, its not that the treble is too high, as i turned this off and the noise still occurs, its also not the normal sound of your fingers sliding across the fret board as I can hear this as well as the whistling sound.

ANyone with any tips?
Quote by Silent Murder
You could try a different set of strings

Yeah thats probably the simple solution, but I have never had to change a string so don't know how to do it. So I dont wanna screw it up so I cant play!

Just wondering if this was a common problem?
Never heard of anything like that before... There's an ok guide to changing strings in UG video archives, or you could always google for tips on how to do it. It's not hard.
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