Ok I have a new acoustic band. A 2 peice. We both sing and play guitar. And I'm just wondering how much you guys think it would cost to proffesionaly record a 3-4 song demo/ep. I want to do this right, maybe send it into a few indie labels even...
about 5er an hour, but more if you need such as a drumkit or amps.
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My friend did a $50AUS session for a full band in an hour. If you have the songs ready you can easily do it within the hour.
No way can you do a GOOD live recording WITH drums in an hour.... even a single track. A good studio in the North East is like 200 dollars for 3 hours with a 3 hour minimum. You may only come out with one good track.

Estimate anywhere from 1 to 3 hours PER TRACK, all depending upon your experience recording, the quality you desire, and complexity of the recording. If you are simply going to be doing live recordings you can do 3 tracks in an hour but they will sound pretty bad even if you are good live and there is no need for a studio really.

If it is just two acoustics you can do CD quality recordings very cheaply from your home using layering and a decent audio card + condensor microphone and a copy of sonar 4.

once you add drums your cost pretty much doubles. I was lucky and my band got sponsored with all the microphones we needed but drums are sooo expensive to record. You need a drum kit with special microphones for each task and a compressor so you do not get clipping otherwise it will simply sound like bass.
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