quick question...i have a special edition AVT150H head and im looking into buying a suitable cab. however a new one seems to be too much for me at the present time. i was lookign around ebay and found the AVT412xA. however these are used to voice the AVT150HX...

would the AVT412xA be alright with the AVT150H head? this may seem a stupid or the best question in the world. either way i just wanted to make sure before i parted with my hard earned cash. cheers. mr hyde
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hey man, listen good, that is a horrible amp,
BUT if you want to get a better sound out of it, get a 1960 cab

AVT cabs are worse than the amps, dull and limiting

Get a new amp, valve!
cheers for the comment. but just turning 16, with no job and gigging on a regular basis...i dotn have too much room for compramise. nevertheless cheers for the advise on the cab. any suggestions? and how much are the average 1960's style cabs?
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i already have the special edition avt150HX head.
also im not amazing on cabs so if you could direct me to a site or give me some informatgion about the cabs youre talking about...would be great help

in the end...ive played with the marshall avt's and even though there not great, i dotn have the money for a amp to suit my means. i just need something that can produce the volume and a reasonable sound so as i can gig without hireing or using others for teh next couple of years. if i was going for an all outballs money choice...i would be waiting to get the laney i wanetd....sadly, i dont have the time to wait and when looking for a second gigging guitar...money becomes a huge issue for a 16 year old
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lol cheers ^^^...any particular sound come from these cabs that you talk of?
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Oh....I didn't notice you're in the UK.....I don't know whether they will ship internationally, as they as US based.

In that case, you might want to go with one of the Marshall 1960s, like mentioned. But I would really recommend you find one with V30s, as they complement the marshall tone better the the 75s IMO.
cheers....the V30's you talk of...these the speakers in the cabs?
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Avatar won't ship out of the lower 48 states under any circumstance.
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I'm sorry but you don't have the money to buy the gear you need? How much was your head and cabs cost? For about £650 you could of got an Engl Screamer Combo which would be pretty much the same volume and have a much better sound. I've played mine next to a friends AVT100 head and cabs A/B and the Screamer is easily clearer and louder.
i have no dealers for engls etc. im rather limited where i am. head cost £329 and im thinking of a second hand cab. by the time i found an engl or whatever and covered shipping costs.....it prob wouldnt be worth it mate. plus i want something ive played through.....this is like a year...2 year at the most temperay amp for playing live with....il upgrade and branch out hence i get a solid job. see what im saying....

i dont need something amazing in the end....just something that is half decent and will do

laslty.....150 watts is almost too loud for small venues....why go louder
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cool cool...lol...say direction as norwich.....local city for moi...nice to meet a young norfolk englishman
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