It sounded great to me(even though i only have 1 speaker working) :p
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it's true
I think you need to mess around with your amp settings. Boost some mids and take the gain down a little maybe. I really could not make out the notes you were playing. But still pretty good considering you only have played for 1 year. Keep it up man!!
thanks.That's really encouraging.As for the gain and etc you really have right.i'll do it as soon as i can
pretty cool man, yea fix that muffling a little bit its hard to make out the riff sometimes so ill agree with randyrhoads
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that was really cool, i bet that would sound kick a s s with the drum part and bass part
thats good for only a year man! yea get a program and add some parts geez!!! itll be sweet, only complaint is your tone, like what randy said.
ok i fixed the sound.I found a very helpful thread somewhere in UG but i don't remember where.it says what settings very srtists use.anyway,someone mentioned something about a program before.Can anyone explain this a bit???(and name a few programs too).thanx