Hello, i haave a HUGE dilemma. Now, i have the choice between two amps. One, i LOVE the drive of, but the clean is so-so. While the other one has a pretty good clean, but lousy drive. I prefer crunch kind of music, but i need some good cleans for ballads and such, so i need a pretty well balanced amp between cleans and crunch. I wanted to buy the one with good drive, the randall RG50tc, but my guitar teacher told me that i'd be better of buying the other one, a fender hot rod deville 212, coz he said i'd get as good drive from the fender with an overdrive pedal as the randall + i'd have great cleans.

So is this true? I can get equalled drive through the fender with an overdrive pedal, or will it never be as good? I can get them for the same price btw.

Fender Hot Rods have 3 channels and drive pretty well, IMO. A fender will have a better overall tone character. It's a great amp, and if yuo don't mind pedal distortion, go for that.
If you use a decent pedal then there's no reason why the Fender shouldn't sound as good, or even better than the Randall.
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If it's the choice between good cleans and good distortion, pick good cleans because you can always get a pedal for distortion.
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Yea plus the Fender just sounds better, has better tone, better reverb and you can get a pedal for the drive or just turn the volume all the way up and turn the drive to 10. Plus just truly overdriving Fender amps sounds like true overdrive. Have you tried the Fender Deluxe Reverb, or Twin Reverb, or the Vibrolux? I like them more than the Deville's and Tweeds.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

I've not had the chance to try either the twin reverb or the deluxe reverb, but the twin reverb is a bit out of my price range, really, and i've got no chance to try the deluxe reverb. There's only small music stores in my city, so its a stroke of luck that they had even the deluxe hot rod there. I haven't actually tried the deville, but my guitar teacher said the only difference was if anything, better tone, so the drive might be better on the devilel than the deluxe i tried

Thanks for all the answers, i think i'll be going with the deville then
The Fenders sound great with overdrive pedals through them, I've got a Blues Jr, and I use 2 overdrives with it, sounds amazing.

And it'll probably be better to have a great clean and use overdrive pedals rather than just good distortion if you want to play clean a bit.
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Devilles all round!

I hope you're paying....
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Personally id go for the Deville (partly so that i dont get flamed) but from what ive heard the devilles sound pretty good.

also i hope you dont mind me asking but i am currently using a Marshall MGD15DFX and it does not have a 'Mid' dial. the dials are (from right to left) volume, (overdrive>>>gain, volume, bass, contour, treble and some effects ones. Is mid the same as contour or totally different all toghether? thank you ppl
Generally speaking, a "contour" control will determine what texture the distortion has. A Mid control, on the other hand, will control the "in-between" frequencies of a guitar, and usually makes quite a difference in the sound. But different amp makes call different controls different things (Peavey, for example, calls the mid control "body" on the XXX), so it might be...
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