ive just gotten all the members i need for a band, we havent played together yet cuz everyone is a little busy with tests and such. ive played with the bass player b4 , and when we played , i didnt know what to do really , hed play a bass line and id c what was the root note he was playing and just play power chords , but i didnt know where to go from there. can someone give me som tips on writing some riffs , just simple but pretty effective ones. i know the major and minor pentatonic scales , but i cant use them 4 my own writing. ive also got a lead guitarist but i dont want him to think im leaving all that up to him and i just play some simple little chords , i want to have my lead piece input too. could u please give me some tips and also if u know any bands or just s ongs that use effective yet relatively simple riffs. thanx.
I dont know if this will help much, but when I write a song, i bring over the other guitar player and we write something together. If I happen to stumble upon something cool when im playing guitar, I write it down.
songd with effective but simple riffs? almost any punk rock song ever written.
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songd with effective but simple riffs? almost any punk rock song ever written.

i agree , and i love punk , and wanna play it , but i also wanna play more mellow stuff , that will appeal to non instrument playing ppl , rather than instrument playing ppl.
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Well, you seem to know a good bit about what you're talking about. Arpeggios are usually a good place to start for soloing. If you really get into it; play a scale, then take it up to the third or fifth or even the next octave of the chord. It makes for an interesting riff.