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Zoom G2
6 60%
Yamaha Magicstomp
2 20%
zoom 505 II
1 10%
Other - please post
1 10%
Voters: 10.
I am looking for a multi effect recommendation to spice up my guitar playing & learning... I would like some unique sounds that I can't get out of my amp alone (VOX 30VT) and also some 'acoustic' sounding effects.

A couple that I had in mind were:
Zoom G2 ($87) - Seems to be a favorite of people around here.
Yamaha Magicstomp ($120) - Heard some of the effects and quite like them, plus is has USB.
zoom 505 II ($59) - Brother has one that does acoustic but the rest are only 'ok'

My budget is $120.
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Personally, I don't like multi-effects. Tone sucking little boxes. If you must get one I recommend the Yamaha. It has a good range of sounds and the USB is a plus.
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Zoom G2
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