Poll: Digitech GNX3 vs Boss ME-50
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Digitech GNX3
4 44%
Boss ME-50
5 56%
Voters: 9.
Im planning to buy a new multi-effects processor, and can't decide between the digitech GNX3 and the Boss ME-50. Just want to hear what people here think.

My budget is $300

i have a gnx3 and it is awesome for effects and the amp modelling. though if ur right in there for the wah its not that gr8 for that though u can turn the wah on with ne setting just by pushing it down all the way
IF you were willing to go up $50:http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DigiTech-GNX3000-Guitar-Workstation?sku=156601
I liked it alot more than I did the GNX3, my friend has a boss ME-50, and I cant from what I've heard say that I like it better than the GNX3. So Digitech between those two, but the 3000 is worth the extra $50.
if u had a good amp, u should use a me-50.
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Digitech's are terrible. The only effect you should EVER buy from them is the Whammy. If I were you, I'd either go with the Boss GT-8 for $450. More expensive? Yes. Worth the money? Yes. Boss is always the way to go when it comes to FX. Good track record and reliable products.
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