I really think that everybody should start playing some reggae now that summer is coming..
Only one problem, Reggae isn't very easy for me.
Anybody know good tricks to get that certain groove to the sound??

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If you're playing chords then mute the first and third strums with your fretting hand and just play down, up, down, up. Try messing around with different shaped barre chords too. ( Some use the A shape and only pick the three highest strings on the upstrokes ).
staccato upstrokes on the upbeat. it helps if you imagine a bass note on the downbeat, so in your head go boom chink boom chink
PlaY the main notes on the second and forth notes to get a Regae fell, or do fairly lkoose strumming and accent the strum that lands on the 2nd and 4th note, i play regea(cant spell it) quite a bit for fun so ya no lol, i also found out the bit bout landing notes on second and forth notes in GCSE Music
Three note voicings work great, but so do Barre Chords.

Bob Marley used to remove the D string from his guitar so it didn't ring while he played his voicings. At least I think that's why he did it. It could also be because he was too high to notice it was missing.

Rhythmically, you mute the down stroke and down beat, and you play a stacatto upstroke on the offbeat. This is called the "backbeat chop" it's a reggae/ska essential. You can make this pattern kind of funky by mixing up the strum pattern and etc.

any kinda of syncopation works for reggae really... more for ska though because instruments are used quite subtely (cant spell) in reggae