I just noticed when i am sitting in front of my amp, it makes sounds like a watch.
Tak, Tak, Tak, sometimes really like a watch but it also gets faster.
Can someone tell me if it is normal ?
Or is something noising the Amp, or is it going to break soon ?
\\>Viva Los Tioz<//
is it a tube amp? tubes does get bad with time... never heard of ticktacking before doh but just take it to the local store and they should be able to tell you whats wrong and fix it
If it's a tube amp, and the sound is consistent, it might be your heat sink. If it's a solid state, then I don't have any clue
Hi, I'm Peter
1, Its a Behringer Firebird 108gx
2, I took it out of the packet, a week before.

and the ticking isnt really hearable, only if guitar not played.
But just wanted to know if it is "dangerous"
\\>Viva Los Tioz<//
Its normal. I think its called 60 cycle hum or something like that. Not really sure what causes it though...
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