hello.. i have some questions about electric guitar strings.

1) I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Strings (0.10-0.46) but the last set has lasted just a bit more than a month. I play practically almost every day. Is this duration normal?

2) Is there a simple and methodical way to fix the strings without doing all those horrible rings and circles to the tuning pegs which are almost impossible to set up well?
1) Yes

2) The loops aren't that difficult, you're just doing them wrong. Simple way to do them is to maintain constant pressure pulling the string while you're winding them onto the headstock. Getting a pegwinder helps with that process. If you really don't like the standard tuning machines, get a set of locking tuners, which use a pin or lever to lock the strings into place. You should still leave enough slack for there to be about 1/2 wind or more.
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