I've been shopping around for a while (You may heve seen my other post) I'm looking for a guitar with a heavy, crunchy tone, and if it's posible a nice jazz/blues undistorted tone (Think Can't Stop by RHCP). I don't want to go over $1000, I play on a Marshall 80 watt amp (It's in the shop, so I can't tell you the exact model) and I DO NOT want a knock off of another guitar (Epiphones, Squiers). I've been looking at an ESP viper, but the shop near me doesn't get them in till the end of next month, so I can't test one out.
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Get one of the Ibanez Prestiges, I think some of them are under a grand, if not at least go for one of their RG models. They deliver a wide range of metal sounds and they look awesome.

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I looked at those, and I played one, it just didn't fit my style. Plus it's a bit much for a bolt on neck.
How heavy and crunchy?

And I'd rather pay 1000 dollars for a high end epiphone than 1000 for a low end-ish Gibson. So don't rule out Epiphone.

But I'm thinking a MIM fat strat might be right up your alley.
im not sure but the usa verions of fender strats have noiseless pickups, which means better/higher distortion and still you have the start feel/sound. or a strat with a hum would be nice i guess for your needs
John Frusciante uses a strat on that song I believe. I would suggest a Fender American Strat, they cost around $1000 I think and it will maintain it's value well. Plus, you'll be able to get a great blues sound with the bridge pickup and a nice clean jazz sound with the neck pickup. Your amp, on the other hand, may not have a great clean sound.

EDIT: Forgot that you said heavy and crunchy. Try a fat strat. It's a strat with a bridge humbucker. Plus, you'll also have the neck single-coil for cleaner sounds. But I'm pretty sure that Frusciante uses a strat with the single-coil bridge pickup on Can't Stop.
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Um... doesn't John usually always use a Strat?
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Um... doesn't John usually always use a Strat?

and a Telecaster too
and white falcon..
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he also has a jaguar, yum yum, i would sell my legs for oneof his guitars
btu they are right he uses a strat everytime he does cant stop