Well today me and my future wife had premaritual counceling with the pastor. he knows i play guitar as a hobby and i starting get decent. after the meeting today he asked me if i would be interested in late july early aug if i would like to join the church band for a secound service since the main guitarist can only make the first service. i said i would think about it and get back to him. do you think it is wrong to ask for some of the sheet music i will be playing before i say yes? and should i do this? will i be heard. i have vox ad30vt plus there is no drums in the band just the singer a keyboard and guitarist.

now on to the guitar i have a epiphone les paul 100 and i feel imparresed to be playing it in puplic since for some reason it has really crappy sound (not happy with my guitar) i am thinking about getting a new one for this reason (Church band) what would you suggest it needs to have really great cleans and easy on the eyes no black guitar 700 to spend thanks for the help
why would that be wrong to ask?, just go for it.
and don't let anyone bugg you cause its church(they'll do that here i'll assure you)
music is music
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Try something more like a C-1 Artist or Classic if you want a Schecter, the Tempest is a bit of a metal guitar.
yea the C-1's are great. Shecters are pretty versitale, i can see this one being played in a church, i have on myself, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-C1-SemiHollowbody--Electric-Guitar-with-Piezo-Pickup?sku=518184
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I play in my church band and I just plug straight into the sound board. You could try that, but if you can't the vox amp you mentioned should be fine if the sanctuary is small enough. Note that if you plug into the soundboard, you won't sound so hot.

Yes, do ask for music. You probably won't get sheet music though. Most worship songs are written for vocals and acoustic guitar, so you will get a chord sheet with lyrics and the chords written above them.

EDIT: I would suggest getting a fender mexican fat strat. The single coils may hum too much, so you can just switch to the humbucker if they do.
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