I've been playing electric guitar for about 6 months now and i really want to buy an effects pedal...I was looking at the Boss pedals because I've heard they're really good. But one thing is...i dont know which effect to get. My band does a lot of cover songs from the white stripes. i know they use compression and some type of distortion for songs like Ball and Biscuit. I want to be able to have that same sound as Jack. So i was wondering what pedals...

And how the hell do the pedals work?? lol that sounds like such a dumb question but i just know that when you want to use it..you push the pedal down. But I'm not sure if you need anything else for it...does it plug into the amp?? I seriously have no clue AT ALL!

pLeAsE hELp!!

To use a pedal you just push down on it with your foot and that basically turns it on then push down again to turn it off. Justl ike an on/off switch. If the pedals off you'll just get your amp sound whatever that may be set to then when you put it on you'll get your amp sound with whatever effect you maybe using over the top. You can also link as many effect pedals as you want in a big chain.
thanks...well i understand that part...it's just a lil fuzzy on how they work.. like is there something more i have to buy for them to work?? is there another cable? do i have to plug it into the amp??
For the White Stripes I would use a fuzz pedal. Fuzz is kinda like distortion/overdrive, only, well, fuzzy. Listen to some Hendrix. A compressor evens out your volume so that it stays relativly the same nomatter how hard you play. A compressor+fuzz will give you an awesome, smooth distortion. I think Jack also uses a Digitech Whammy. The Whammy is a pitch shifter/ harmonizer. I think you can figure out what a pitch shifter is, but a harmonizer doubles your note with whatever interval you like (5ths, 4ths, the octave, etc). A couple other companies make pitch shifters and harmonizers (they usually come in the same package, like compressors do with sustainers). What is your budget?

To connect a pedal to your amp, you can either:
A. Run a cable from your guitar into the pedal's "input" jack, then another out of it's "output" jack into either the amp or another pedal.
B.Run it through an effects loop (which some amps have and others don't). There's a "send" jack, where you run a cable out of and plug into the input and run another cable into the "return" from the pedal, or into another pedal. Loops are generally for modulation effects like chorus and phasers, as well as delay pedals, which basicly just repeat whatever you play back to you.

Now, any questions you have?
Jack White uses an Electro Harmonix Big Muff i think. You need the pedal, some batteries (or the adapter), another cable, and an amp (obviously.