My question is if a blues band made it into the mainstream media.(mtv fuse vh1etc....)
would they make it big or not.

Hopefully you guys can understand this. This time.
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no Mtv has no taste its not even about music anymore just lame reality tv shows

yup.. stupid ones too... nothing to do with music at all
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no way. they woulnd't even make it into the "mainstream". dancing gangsta's and dumb blondes with big knockers are all that mtv and such care about.
forget mtv what if radio stations, or ,fuse maybe vh1 jumped on the band. then do you think they would make it
No station would endorse them becuase they are only going to endorse bands that will make money.

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idk theres a big spread on classical bands based on blues i think that they will have a good go for a while till someone finds a way to kill it
Classical bands based on blues? Is it like 12 bar Bach or something?

I've never been a huge blues fan, so I can't say how good it would do. It'd have to get a new image, because the music by itself probably wouldn't connect too well with today's youth.