i have a bout £300 to spend on a guitar and i wana get and ibanez with versitile pickups and what else would u lot recomend
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You have a few choice actually:
- Buy a 2nd hand RG5xx (570 preferably) which has Edge/Lo-Pro Edge/Edge Pro
- S470/S520
- Skip the trem and get a fixed (SZ/RG321MH)
- Save up somemore and get the RG1570
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my brother has a RG350DX which is not much different to my S470, except the trem and the RG has 24frets , the pick ups on the 350dx are ****e , the pick ups on the S470 are actually decent , i say if you want the RG350EX then you should go try out yourself and see if you like it i would personally go with the S470 or RG1570
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