hey i want to start writing my own stuff and i want a kinder red hot chili peppers style how would i go about this
if you play guitar, the chili peppers have never been about distorting their songs except a few and the solos of course, but if you wanna play like frusciante learn some crazy chords that sound nice. coming up with your own stuff is all about what you want and like to play so learn some chili pepper songs. if your goin for lyrics dont be emo about it if you know what i mean.
I wrote a short tutorial on some of the techniques John uses, let me search for the post and I'll post it here

Frusciante uses alot of techniques as he constantly reinvents his style. He uses alot of raking. For example, the main riff to Can't Stop he strums all the strings. He frets the note he needs and mutes the rest with his fret hand. Same thing with give it away. If you hit the strings hard this way it gives it that punchy, snappy sound. He also from time to time pops strings like a bass player would to achieve this sound. You can see this on Funky Monkys (the whole song is actually played without a pick) and Mellowship Slinky in B Major, the verse riff. He uses lots of downstrokes to keep up with Fleas agressive playing and chad's hard hitting, like the give it away chorus. He does this because he rarely plays with distortion and thus needs to be more aggressive. He also uses many unique chords and chord inversions in his playing. Just study his tabs and learn his songs to get fully what I mean. And I mean study. He uses many subtle techniques in his playing you need to pick up on.

Most his studio solos are improvised as well

frusciante uses a lot of broken chord shapes for riffs. look at the intro to under the bridge, switches between a D major shape and F# major. Californiacation main verse, Am and F. then another thing that frusciante uses to great effect is doing little hammer ons and pull offs with his pinky and ring finger while playing chords. look at the verses of under the bridge for this, its like you strum the chord and then get this little hammer on thing going before switching. he also likes to strum all 6 strings even when just playing one note, he mutes all the other strings. using those techniques you should be able to come up with some basic stuff that gives a same general idea as RHCP.
There's a good Frusciante lesson in the latest Guitar World. In summary, a good knowledge of chords, melodys + basslines, and funk should be substantial.

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