Basic design of back

Basic design of back

Okay, anyone that is a fan of Brian May and/or Queen should recognize this as the design of the Red Special, Brian's signature guitar. This is going to be my first project, and I decided to do something familiar to me, so I picked this.

Body Wood: Black Walnut or White Ash, haven't quite decided.
Facing: Australian Blackwood
1st Splice: Brazilian Rosewood
2nd Splice: Brazilian Mahogany
Middle Splice: Indian Rosewood

I am going to do it with a thru-neck, because that seems the most sturdy.
The fretboard will be a dense, light-toned rosewood.
With a bigsby tremolo bridge.

This is still in the planning phases, so I don't have the real plans done up, or the measurments, but I'd be welcome to any suggestions/things I may have looked past
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That helps a little, I'm going to try and use a different design technique from his, though.
hmmm. im not a fan of the brian may guitar. have you tried the Brian May Red Special guitar before? its not very comfortable. its huge and heavy. i like the design of using those woods and making a through-neck, but im not a fan of the shape.
I think you would have some trouble with the neck because of the Bigsby system.

As you can see from the link poochy gave you, the original (yes I am aware that the axe on the link is a copy, but it's almost a perfect one) has a relatively low bridge height. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with a Bigsby you'd need a tune-o-matic, which is pretty high, so in other words, you'd have to make the neck lean back like on a les paul.

I think that making a whole guitar from scratch is a bit too ambitious, but I'd really like you to prove me wrong.
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Well, like I said not everything is that practical right now on the visual design. I'll go through all of the physics of it when I do up the real plans.

I'm already looking into getting myself the tools though, the project will be starting end of july , maybe sooner. It just depends on when I get the cash in for all the wood and shnazzy tools.

To do with the bigsby bridges, I'm not too sure. I'll have to look into it
I'm not liking that it's natural, but I guess it's a good start on your first one.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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well, make any suggestions you'd like that's kinda why I asked. Just realize that the blackwood isn't going to be nearly as grainy as is in the picture and it's going to be lacquered. Plus I'm getting my girlfriend to do art up the fretboard before I lay the frets.
not sure about the bridge question, but if your girlfriend does artwork up the fretboard, it may look nice for the first week or so but then it's going to start chipping off.

EDIT: what program did you use for those designs?
it may chip, probaly wont, i like the way the look though, the brian may thing isn't for me man, but i am glad to see somebody do it
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