I was in my music store and there was a kid who was playing a guitar and doing some slap stuff. i dont know whether he was messing or doing something cool. One of my friends says its not possible, but it looked real.
Maby he was popping? Im sure it is possible, with lots of practice!
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There's no reason you can't do it, but it won't be as good as doing slap bass I wouldn't think.
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yeah, its quite difficult to do, easier with an electric acoustic plugged in, takes practicing to get a nice sound but yeah it was real
I have an AMAZING video of slap guitar, check back in like 3 minutes on this page
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yes, victor wootens brother reggie slaps on the guitar, actullay pretty good too.

and your friends wrong, it is possible
its hard to do, and u get a lot of fret feedback. it doesnt sound good unless you are good at it.

The kid was prolly just messin around, but you never know, he might be on to something.
Go to youtube and do a search for Victor Wooten - also on a guitar sucks video (also on youtube ) there's a part with some slap guitar improv.
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Then why did you answer? It is a form of playing but can be difficult to develop because the strings aren't nearly as thick as a bass guitar. It's been done on both acoustics and electrics. There are several guys famous for it but I can only remember one, Justin King. Here's a good example:


Someone else can chime in with more artists and possibly lessons, but yes it does exist!


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Eric Johnson frets a chord and slaps the strings and gets tons of awesome harmonics...

...But thats just EJ.
Tom Morello plays slap guitar in the intro to "Cochise" by Audioslave.
There is a video somewhere of a guy doing straight-up slapping on an electric. I think it's a Strat.

I try it every now and then, it sounds ok.