I tried to get the best tone i could from just my effects board straight into the pc...

anyways, a few mess-ups here and there. this was a fun song. well, to me, all the songs i do are fun. and most of the time easy. but this one had a heavy sound and feel to it which is why i did it. i think the only bad part is in the beginning there's not a whole lot of guitar... just that one riff and then sort of ambience for awhile...

check it out. dmusic is in my sig.

p.s. - i also have a bunch of other covers on dmusic that you should listen to as well.
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I really enjoyed that. You definitely caught the feel of the original. The tone wasn't too bad at all, and the "mess-ups" weren't even worth mentioning. Good stuff...
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Very nice !!
the tone was pretty good you know and the playing was pretty good too.
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thanks for the comments guys. i just realised that this version is their live version... haha. i was doing some research and found out that this is on their "anywhere but home" live album. it didn't mention it on the guitar pro tab which was weird... but oh well. i think it's a lot cooler than the original.
I liked that. You did miss a couple of notes on the solo but it doesn't matter. You might wanna know that Evanescence is my freind's favorite band and it's all he ever goes on about.

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