I play a wide range of music but if i could narrow down the sound it would be incubus mixed with red hot chili peppers and some lighter to some slightly heavey stuff but no metal. I need to know a selection of amps to go look at that would cover these styles. I also use a wide rang of effects pedals so i need an amp that these wont suck the tone out of too much.
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budget?? and how loud do u need it?

for a smaller watt maybe a fender blues jr.--$400
or some of the other fender tube amps for more wattage.

look into some traynors or the hughes and kettner 20th edition tube (haven't played either, but i've heard good things)

or possible a vox ac30

....need your budge to really help
marshall jcm 800 combo.

traynor ycv 50 blue (highly recomended)

fender blues deluxe
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