so many choieses. i currently have an epi les paul custom, all stock. and i think it's time for an upgrade. and i was thinkin bout gettin a new guitar or guitars. here are the choices i was thinkin

1.)keep my epi and upfrade the tuners and pickups (maybe emgs or duncan customs)
then maybe get a different guitar for lihter type music

2.)sell my epi get a new guitar for heavy stuff then maybe get a different one for lighhter stuff

3.) sell my epi and get one guitar that can do it all

here are the guitars i was lookin at for heavy stuff-esp alexi lahio 600, epi zakk wylde les paul custom,scecter c-1 hellraiser fr

for a mix of both-fender john 5 tele,epi elitst les paul custom, scecter c-1 elite

cleaner stuff-pretty much same as above

and ca't decide what to do. i would definently go to a guitar store and try them out but cause i don't have any around here it's kinda limited so i want a better idea of what i want.

(if it matters) my favorite guitarisr are (my main influencse the styles i try to recreate in my own way) frank iero,synester gates, john 5, slash,alexi lahio, zakk wylde.

i play stuff like mcr,a7x,metallica,black label society,HIM,turbonegro,69 eyes,marilyn manson,rob zombie,trivium,queens f the stone age
Since you are thinking about getting the Zakk Wylde Epi, why not just buy his EMG pickup set and have it replace your old pickups? I plan on doing that in the near future.
Upgrade your Custom. It's a good guitar to begin with. What kind of amp do you have? Your amp affects most of your sound, so that may be your problem.
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well i'm not upgradin guitars for awhile so i upgrade my amp first. i currently have a hunk a sh*t marshall mg50. but will soon be upgradin to ethier a 2 channel jcm 800 or a jcm 900.