I've read flames of A7X's shredding methods. Synister uses an armband to dampen his strings.
What exactly is that?
It just deadens strings when you aren't playing them. Its useful for tapping and legato runs.
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i know what an armband is......

oo, so it's like a string muter for those that aren't capable....
well u can use it to mute. doesnt mean u cant palm mute otherwise, probably just preference.

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They are usually used in the studio to get the clearest cleanest sound possible.
Are you talking about putting the armband around the strings on the fretboard or wearing it? I've been wearing one on my forearm but only because that's where I rest on the edge of the guitar. I've seen several different people use armbands or scarfs wrapped around the neck near the headstock to help dampen ringing strings.
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^ right on the nut, so it covers the first woody half of the first fret, thats how i do it if i do it at all.

its basically for tapping/legato as someone said, to remove any sympathetic vibrations.