Hi, it's me, hopefully u recognize me from my cover of something in the way i posted yesterday.
If possible, my band and I would like some feedback on our first original recording. We are called Hearth, and have been together since Jan 2006.

^Click on it, and listen, and tell us how bad/okay/good it is

Thanks guys,
Always the good critics as usual.
"Say hello to my little friend!"
crank the singing cant hear it, and take that stuff out of the beggining with the guitar chucking his strings and stuff. ( unless its supposed 2 be there then its cool, just makes it sound un-professional ) maybe write a better melody for singing, and itll b good. this is a good recording. no mistakes, and actually good quality which is music to my ears, literally. Im not really feelin the singing around the end of the song, also.
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o yea and the talking was due to extreme boredom during practice, so leave that out, we will chage it.
"Say hello to my little friend!"