Hey guys, quik question.

I currently have a TS-9 and vox wah pedals, with a 15 watt Peavey amp. My guitar is a crappy 200 dollar black epiphone guitar (you know the ones they give away on the milk cartons? lol). What this is all about is i love the creamy sound my tube screamer gives me but i reall need a pedal that gives me the long crunchy sustained notes that i hear in my head, but cant produce with my guitar. I want something in the 200 dollar range, and that gives me a hard rock bordering on metal crunch.

Any suggestions??
i'm gonna go ahead say you'll need a better amp with lots of gain for crunch. or turn the mids on your amp up.

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what amp is it? you might sell that peavey and see if you can find a used blues jr. or something.
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i dunno if this is in your price range but the Krank Distortus Maximus (140 pounds) is nothing short of amazing for killer metal tone.
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