Lookin to put all of the stuff in the title on my epiphone les paul in gold. Can you reccomend some good brands of the needed items and where to get them? Im in canada so canadian stores would be better but not necessary and I have checked out musicians friend and music 123 but would like to have someone elses input.
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You could always go for gibson brand items.
they have gold everything.

Bridge and tail, i hear lots of good from tonepros (kinda pricey though)

But if you want to change the covers/keys/bridge/tail, knobs, etc to gold, gibson accessories has everything you'll need

Gotoh, and maybe grover has gold tuners too.

Depends on your tastes really.
Ill check those out, I just ordered the pickguard bracket and strap locks from guitarfetish.com. So now I need a bridge and tailpiece. Also anyone know where I can pick up some quality gold screws?
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I know stewmac sells em, but I bet you can get them cheaper.
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