Hey there. I own both these pedals but im having a real hard time dialing in any good settings on them. I have obviously tried to get something I like so don't suggest play with it please. If you own one and know some good settings to get a good tone let me know. I play mostly classic rock and metal. My gear is a epi les paul through a crate v series amp or a prs custom 24 through the same amp.
well i have my SD-1 set for more of a gain boost, so level at 12-ish, tone 9-12, gain maxed. on the wah, i set it for the lowest sweep selection, and set the lows for a s low as possible and the highs for as high as possible. the volume in and maxed.
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I had trouble getting a sound I wanted out of my Dime wah too. It has all those different setting and still couldnt get it right. I prefer the Crybaby Classic over any wah.
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I've got an SD-1, I like the tone at around 6-7 usually, and the gain at 7 too...
Sounds ok IMO, that's on a tube amp. This pedal isn't that good unless you're actually driving the amp with it.
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Actually you came into my thread and said "
Get rid of the dime wah, it sound like s**t in my humble opinion." Like thats the sort of answer im looking for. Whats going on with ug'ers lately? This site is takin a turn for the ignorant lately. I don't care what you think it sounds like, im looking for some good settings from someone who has one. Id appreciate it if you deleted all your posts from my thread.