So i got a guitar and the factory strings were horrible. so i got some new ones. I sit down to string it and follow about 6 different internet lessons and 30 minutes later in nowhere... a few problems i always run in to 1) When putting string through hole on tuning peg there is only room for it to go through once, most directions require 2 passes. 2) Turning the tuner to wrap the string around the peg....yea when i do this it just makes the string incredibly tight on the neck, and doesnt really wrap it at all. so help please.
Sounds like you're cutting the string short before attaching it - don't do that. TYhis is how I do it - Put the string through the hole and wrap it round the tuning peg a couple of times by hand. Make sure you oput it through the hole far enough to allow it to stay through, but so that the string is VERY slack. The wind the tuning head anticlockwise until the string is wound on and up to puitch. Then stretch the string firmly, but not overly strongly you don't wanna snap your string) at around the 12th fret. This stops it stretching out of tune while you're playing. Tune it back up to pitch and you should be ready to go.
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