Okay so this sounds really stupid, but I've never replaced my strings before, because I get new guitars frequently, so I don't always play the same guitar, and I broke my high E string...

So I ran out to walmart and got a set of strings, but they're not the same... should I replace all the strings or just the high E?

Sorry, kinda a dumb question....
Just replace them as they break.
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I recommend replacing them all but that's just me. If the guage is different it may not sound right. Plus if the other ones are real worn or a different material they may sound dull while your high e shines through way to bright.

Also, not ragging on you, but Wal-Mart? What strings did you buy? I may be ignorant and Wal-Mart carries some decent brands, but if they're anything like the guitars they carry you need to start going to a music store or order offline.

Walmart actually caries some good strings..gibson and GHS and stuff. They aren't ernie ball..but they are still good and i put first acts on my acoustic and it sounds awesome <.< >.>
Anyway, onto the subject.. I've always heard that you should replace them all. and I live and die by that...but I'm crazy and enjoy changing strings. But I recommend changing them all
I always change all my strings at once, but that's personal preference. I hate how old strings start going out of tune.
yeah, well walmart was all that's open caus it was sunday and my town is weird about things like that, and I couldn't really play patsy cline music on my electric lol (don't ask lol)


On the back of the case thing it said your supposed to change your strings like every week if you play more than 3 hours a day! I mean I've been playing on the same strings for the last like 18 months or so and they've been good to me I think....

Is this caus they're crappy strings or somthing? Or should I really be changing em that often? How often do you all change your strings?
I tend to change my strings every 10-12 weeks or so. if i wait too much longer than that, they start sounding rather dull. of course, this can vary incredibly depending on how long you play, how well you care for the strings/instrument, the strings you use... i've had friends go for years with the same strings (of course, they were elixirs and he plays more infrequently than I, so that may have had something to do with it).

but as far as changing them every week? maybe if you're steve vai, but not if you're just playing in your room or something, not sweating a huge amount when you play, and taking the time to wash your hands before you play and wipe down your strings after you play.
Keep in mind that the bigger the strings, the more you have to replace them... more surface area = more place for dirt to be. Plus, if you're using big strings, you're probably working your ass off to play them in the first place, so more dead skin and dirt will get on there simply from that.

I remember my first set of strings (9-42s maybe?) lasted forever. Now, if I play my 13-58s on my strat every day of the week, they need replacing.
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Heh, red... more like you just notice the difference now. I burn lighter guages quicker on all of my instruments. The more play I put on them, the quicker a lighter guage misshapes wherever I play it.

I play 11s on my electric, 12s on my acoustic, and Savarez Alliance on my classical... that's about the order of which I play most often, and I still have to change the electrics quicker than the acoustic, and I burn the SA's like a bad joint. Nylon strings tend to last forever compared to steel, but those things are ****ing tiny for standard tension non-composite nylon. I change them about every 80 hours, which works out to just over two weeks most of the time.

Then again, it depends on the strings, the weather, and even the pack they come out of. I've got D'addarios on the electric right now, and they died faster than any other strings I've used. Usually I'll play with superbullets, and change about once a month, maybe two. OTOH, I've been putting Martin performance SP's on the acoustic for almost as long as I've had it, and until this last set been changing them maybe every six weeks (including gig time). Dunno why, but this set burnt out in about two, and I've been pretty light on the playing lately... ironically, they didn't go dead, they got really tinny and uber bright.

Anyway, back on the matter of size. I by far play the acoustic the hardest, and until recently haven't had to change them as often as the strings on the lighter guage instruments.

Ed: While there's a different type of play on the strings, namely less bodily contact, we retune the orchestra's piano once every other week, or more often as needed... to give a relative idea of the extra level of maintenance on our pianos. We change the strings once every six months (most piano owners change them once every couple of years, IF that often). Those strings are huge compared to guitar, and with a lot of prepared-piano stuff we do, there is skin-to-string contact (and paper, and rubber, and saliva, and...). Take that into consideration when comparing guage to life.
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