other than the popular simple rock power chords (5ths) what are great chords for metal? any kind (thrash, black, metal, etc.) just not nu-metal or any else of that pussy ****.
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Seriously, power chords are just about all...

Make the focus of your metal compositions the lead guitar - that's what's best about metal \m/
My style tends to be riff-based, so I use a lot of arpeggiated jazz chords, usually harmonized to give it an extra kick or layered over a power chord or a 1-b5-8.
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Use some stacked fifths (power chords with the 9th added), some diminished chords, and if you're going for more of a metalcore thing (haha) some flat second chords.
Huh, no one yet has mentioned barre chords. They need some TLC too.

Anyways, I play more of a Thrash/Death style so I use power chords alot...diminished chords are nice as well.
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diads.... (major/minor thirds)


add9 chords

Youtube covers

yeah man, 3rds are much more metal than fifths (power chords)
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Seriously, power chords are just about all...

Wow. You seriously don't know anything about anything, do you?

Diminished, they say, and I have to agree. Stacked fifths work as well. 1-3-8 or 1-b3-8 works as well.
Those Hate Eternal style chords like 5-6-7. Sounds odd, but very brutal if used correctly.
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^I believe that is what they call Diminished Chords. I could be wrong though... Oh, and I have to disagree with the one who said that Metal is all about the solos. It's so much more than that
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5-6-7? steps?
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5-6-7? steps?

I'm thinking frets:


EDIT: Which just happens to be said diminished chord...

Since well, you never start at the 5th step, wherever you start, that's the 1st. So then it would be 1-2-3, which is not only impossible to play, but it also sounds plain awful.
I like to **** around with chords. For rhythm, I mostly use Diads.

Generally in these patterns.


Just so i'm not BSing, i'll give you examples of awesome uses of each one.

First Bar: Do I need to explain?

Second Bar: The Main Riffs in 'Seasons in the Abyss'. 'Skin o' My Teeth'.

Third Bar: The Main Riff in 'The Sleep'.

Fourth Bar: 'Orion'

Fifth Bar: 'Battery'.

An awesome use of most of these chords you can find in the intro riffing to Opeth's 'Moonlapse Vertigo'...




But we can only tell you so much. This is the kinda **** you gotsta figure out yourself.
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Seriously, power chords are just about all...

Make the focus of your metal compositions the lead guitar - that's what's best about metal \m/

Omg no.

It depends what style of Metal you are talking about...in all fairness
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I like using minor triads with an octave. A la...


Yeah, I like this chord, too, but I never found it to be fitting metal all too much...

some chords that sound interesting in metal are suspended 2nd and sus 4th chords
such as

Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
Morsch sind Baum und Pfad
Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
mir ist kalt...
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Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) uses some very strange suspended and add chords in his playing
Honestly you can't get more metal than sweeping this:

but...this is good too for just plain chords:


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Minor chords and diminished chords (both half and full) work well for metal.

Don't Opeth use suspended chords fairly frequently?
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e|- I use that chord sometimes.

that's still only a fifth... fitfth over the b flat, then an octave under that fifth
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Oh, and a favorite chord of mine...


I was looking at my chord poster and I was checking out Ami and I really like how it sounded on the bottom strings. It needs alot of distortion though. :P
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I see alot of these threads...Maybe this should be stickied or something? :P
God no. We have way too many stickies as it is.
d 9
a 7
e 5

its ok. some metal core bands use it
Sepultura Commenly use inverted powerchords, that give a slightly different sound. incase you dont know an inverted powerchord is like this:

D|--3 Fifth
A|--1 Root
E|--1 Fifth

Metallica have used countless different diads other than powerchords. some examples...

Minor Diad (Em)


Major Diad (E)


I've also known them to use this one, dont know the classification though


Its labelled as D#m/F#

In their song 'Epic' Faith no more use the Hendrix Chord (E7#9)(see below) to geat effect.


Hope these help.
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