What are the wierdset songs or bands that you've heard? Mr. Bungle is hands down the wierdest music I have heard. I thought that music had no where else to go untill Mr. Bungle now i think that there are limitless posibilities in music. King Crimson Zappa and Primus are pretty messed too.
That song "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" by the Crash Test Dummies was definitely the weirdest song I'm aware of being a smash hit.
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Napoleon XIV - There coming to take me away...

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The Books.
All those bands suggested are preety out there...... Especially Zappa. Buckethead is another. Here is a wacked out band for everyone:

Colnell Claypools Bucket of Bernie Brains
has anyone ever heard of Crazy Frog? That is the weirdest and most annoying song. ever. Gahhh!!
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sleeptyime gorilla museum are wierd, sometimes in a pretty hilarious way. one of my favourite bands atm. also deerhoof, xiu xiu, ween, and enon. mr bungle are just demented, sometimes i supect theyre just trying to show off how much jazz they can play and intersperse it with metal and god knows what else. if u like bungle check out dog fashion disco
I can't belive that you don't know Fantômas! a great wierd band! w/some members of Mr. Bungle.
Also, Nuclear Rabbits, Serart, Matmos, Britney Spears!
Devo. Apparently they're fabulously geeky, or so I'm told. I like a few of their songs. For very out-there composers, look up philip glass, john cage, and a very trippy 60's piece by luciano berio called simfonia. (sinfonia?)
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Wean is pretty weird.

Or do you mean Ween?
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