I am getting alot of hissing feedback through my amp.my gear im playing through is a ibanezrg350 with swineshead pups ,ts808,pod xt,fender deville 212 and im using an isp decimator.i just recently got the decimator because i heard great things but i wonder if i have a faulty one.its good until i turn the threshold pass 30 wich i need to do then i get just a faint volume from my amp and it makes a weird noise after you stop picking if your hand hits the strings, is this the way they are when you turn them all the way up????maybe its not meant to go above 30?i tried it without the pod thought it was the problem but still the same...
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do you have the decimator in the loop, or in front of the amp? what's the exact order of the chain? are you sure the battery isn't just dead?

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30 is about as high as you should ever go, unless playing with lethal amounts of gain.
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