Do u guys ever make this sic riff and find out it sounds like something else?

That happends to me 75% of the time!
Eventually every riff is gonna' be taken, just as long your riff doesnt turn into a song that sounds like the another song.
yea that does tend to happen!! but alot of famous riffs sound like another riff!!
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a lot of times, when you sit down to write a riff, your mind subconciously takes the key, or rhythm, or melody, or all three from one of your favorite tunes, or from a tune that you like to play alot. without realizing it, you then have recreated the same riff with a slight variation. it sucks.
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Yeah it happens sometimes. It comes from trying to make a riff, then I start hearing ways the riff could develope, but of course those ideas often come from things I've previously heard.

In those cases, I often change the key: it can at least make the riff less recognizable. Then I try to isolate my favorite elements and change certain parts to make it more original.
Hey, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice did it and look where they got. Sometime you can use a song and change it just a little to get what you want or just to get an idea. Trust me, a lot of the greatest guitar players will tell you that. Hell, even BB King himself uses other peoples music to get an idea.
i diddled around on chords and came up exactly with 'Canon' in a different key, wondering 'why does this sound so freaking familiar?'
happens to me all the time. It really gets you down when you are hoping on writing something original. I made up the riff to the RHCP song 'By the Way' by accident. I don't even like them, in fact I didn't know what song it was. I just knew it sounded like something I had heard before
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i was playing and i came across schools out by alice cooper(is it by him?)
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^ yeah it is
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