okay this is for those who find it hard to play certain chords and want to be able to switch fatser. Though these are not the actull chords, the point is for them to sound pretty close but easier to play. Like G, instead use your thumb to holed down the 3rd fret on the sixth stringg and your middle finger to hold down the 3rd fret on the 1st string. It's much fatser and easier. So please publish here your short cuts and name the chord that your making a shortcut for.
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Just keep practicing them. At first I thought they were hard. They aren't. You get used to them and will be able to switch easily after a while. Nothing comes to you right away.
You're way to play g hurts and it harder to play anyway....and yeh, it does seem like a waste of time for cheaters. You're gonna hve to learn how to play eventually.
I don't do shortcuts with chords. I sometimes use shell voicings in jazz, but that isn't a shortcut as much as it is to 1.) make certain chords actually possible to play and 2.) avoid getting in the way of other instruments.