Hey all,

I'm visiting family in Dallas this week, I'm from Colorado, where the biggest and best guitar shop is Guitar Center. I'm looking out for a shop in Dallas that has really high quality stuff. Can y'all reccommend any? Name of store and website or adress would be appreciated. Thanks.
theres 2 in dallas, one in Plano like 20 min. away, and thats all i think in Dallas county area for GC's

but theres this shop i go to, but i dont know where exactly it is.

i know it sin south Garlad, and its called Larry Morgans Music Shop. its really famous in garland. an dit ha salot of nice stuff compared to Brook Mays and Zoo Music, wich is 2 buildings down, and its kinda cheaper than Gc if you act nice.

Larry is a nice guy and if he likes you, or your not a jack ass or anything, he'll lower the price for you.

EDIT: heres the adress

510 S Garland Ave, Garland, TX

go to like mapquest or somehting and get directions form wherever your staying at and that should do it

its a nice shop to, im hopin to get a job there soon
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theres also this great kinda run down shop... called michael's music.
its, like i said, beat down. and one guy works it and runs it. hes a nice guy, he'll lower prices for you if he likes you... hes also got a lot of rare gear.

(oh and if you go down the same road youll find plenty of pawn shops with some nice guitars)
Anyone know of good guitar shops near the San Marcos and San Antonio Area
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