Ok so this is part two, I'm sorry it deviates somewhat from pt.1 but in the grand scale of things (from a novel standpoint) it has to happen this way. You will receive each part as and when and if it is written.


3 months previously.

"Err on the side of caution?"
"Yes, if you value your existence."
"But why such a contorted response?"
"I may have discovered a way to meet a Deus ex Machina, a fellow Luminary!"
"Hmm, I pity your idiosyncrasies if a 'may' is all you brought me here for."
"Hark! Next time appreciate the sentiment and refrain from retort, I earnestly entreat you to reticence. Have you ever received the saying; 'Sorrow in silence?'" Noone mumbles beneath his resumed breath. "While you attend to that attainment I shall wallow in arrogance, for I am the sole reason you still stand before me!"

Moreover, with that, Amalgam returned to reviewing the edits in his article featured on the cover of this weeks New York Times; 'The apparent contrast of Temporal Square-waves, derived from light and dark phrase matching data.'
Amalgam was a scientist at heart, but a hartal disposition meant he was perceived as a dilettante to many, and, rarely became encapsulated in converse at cocktail parties, despite him always being invited. Also pertinent to the scientific cliques he endeavored to inseminate, whereby he was regularly revered to as a buffoon. However all that said and done he never deviated from his childhood dream. Noone meanwhile had maintained his status among the maven crowds, but not without salient admiration for Amalgam and his wayward theories. Noone remained reticent while he studied the room with great fervour; boundless spines of novels by Dostoevsky and Khayyam posed beside texts from Svein Magnussen.
The gloaming was casting fervent shadows along the varnished oak flooring, laid with a Chilkat blanket and a vast marble hearth be-fronting an open grate fireplace. Amalgam's shadow spread up the wall and shielded most of the Mayan décor.
I have to note here that these eclectic tastes are due to countless visits abroad, and a somewhat childish attitude towards his unrestrained impulsive needs.
Noone once again uttered the question; "Why have you asked me here?" Amalgam scoulded while rising from his chair; "Patience my dear fellow, for soon your worth will become of value to us." Noone still sitting began again to scour Steppe's study; he focused where he had left his gaze before, and now a new shadow had taken form against the West wall. "It will last less than a minute - about forty two and a half seconds to be precise - so study it well." Noone stepped towards the design, not realising at first he had passed between the windows view and the wall, and before he did, Noone was gone. "Swallowed into the unknown." Amalgam whispered.

Patina lay quietly at Amalgam's feet, more patient and obedient than any of Amalgams contemporaries, most of which he held in contempt anyway, for it was they who referred to him as; the creature - 'Far from the madding crowd.' - Although he disregarded the sentiment, it did carry weight beyond the scientific circles he himself circled. Patina's ears pricked, nothing more than a pinheads resonance had graced the quiet density of the room, more so nothing a human ear could focus upon. I stepped back from my vantage point, certain it was I that had per-verbally awoken a dying dog, when nothing more than my breath had condensed upon the lock, my first instinct was to run, but I remained, catatonic, hearing each heel-toe thud echo around my head, until the culmination was like a cloistered bell ringing inside my skull, constantly ringing confounding with every heel-toe thud the inevitable culminating culling of my cover. Eavesdropped, as the rafters fell one-by-one behind the tarnished door. And in the motion of movement that uncovered my quaking vessel, the brilliance and bloom occupied my diminishing pupils; there before me stood the proud figure of Amalgam.

"And who in God's Devine name are you?"
"I mean you no harm, my child."
"Impossible, no one shall whip me!"

The grandfather clock struck the first call of seven as I cowardly continued...

"I dear Amalgam have come to see you, as you will see me, in time."

And seven it was.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Pleasure reading another piece from you mate. I remember your last one quite clearly, and this appears to be a suitable continuation.
I enjoy your use of vocabulary. You clearly have a great command of language, but you don't use complex stuff too much so that the content is actually obscured, and it actually makes the read even more interesting, I think.
Overall this seems solidly written once more, with great imagery throughout. From a personal viewpoint, I'm thinking it might be a tad too descriptive, but don't worry too much.
Nice work again. If you want, could you look at the 'Perplexities' piece in my sig? Only if you have time though.

About that reading recommendation thread - do you still need us to e-mail our stuff to you?
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