alright, so, heres the deal, i have a DOD death metal distortion pedal. The only reason i bought this pedal is because i needed one, and i got it on eBay for cheap.
I needed it cause the distortion on my sh*tty 15 watt behringer amp sucks.

The problem: i cant seem to find a decent hi/med/low combination.
i play anything from RHCP (which is mostly clean anyways) to SOAD, and a bunch of punk.
So, if anyone could help me out a bit, thatd be great...
the high/med/low eq's arent really gonna help you much on a 15watt amp but keep your amp on clean and use the pedal as a clean boost....you can try my amp settings though theyre 10/5/7 it has the jason becker feel to it....oh and those settings are high to low
ill try that, but they have the high/med/low settings on the pedal, like, two seperate ones, theres the eqs on the amp, and then 3 more on the pedal, basically one for clean on the amp itself, and the one for the distortion, the clean sounds good, just the distortion is sh*t
im kinda lookin for a decent punkish sound though,
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Hmmm... right now I have the High on 10, Mid on 0 and Low on 10. It worked well tonight, but I will probably change it. I kind of use that setting as a fail-safe and work my way from there.