ok im sorry but the title of this post was just to get your attention.
I have been playing guitar for a couple year now but I am new at recording. I have looked on websites and found such items: MIDI controlers, Control surfaces, PCI interface, Preamps,condeser mics, dynamic mics, acoustic foam, and USB MIDI interfaces.

I currently have a Apple Powerbook and I'm using Logic 7 I am going to be recording vocals, my acoustic guitar, and some drums, maybe electric guitar, and random preccusion such as tap shoes garbage lids anything to keep it interesting.

Can anyone tell me whats neccesary for good home recording on a budget of $800?
The M-Audio Delta 1010 gets good press. Pick up an SM-57 for the guitar and an Audio Technica AT4040 for vocals. That should get you started and take care of your $800.

You'll need more mics for live drums.
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